AuthorsS. L. Amundsen, K. Lund and F. Eliassen
TitleUtilising Alternative Application Configurations in Context- and QoS-Aware Mobile Middleware
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2006
Conference Name6th IFIP International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS'06), June 13-16, Bologna, Italy
Date PublishedJune
PublisherLecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4025, Springer Verlag

State-of-the-art dynamic middleware uses information about the environment in order to evaluate alternative configurations of an application and select one, according to some criteria. In the context of applications sensitive to Quality of Service, we have identified the need for a platform-independent description of configurations that includes non-functional behaviour, and that scales to handle a large number of application configurations. In this paper, we present a modelling principle and a service plan concept, which together represent such as description. The modelling principle and plan concept extends state-of-the-art with i) a model of the alternative configurations that ensure a minimum of reconfiguration steps, ii) a specification that contains information elements of the configuration, dependencies to the environment, and QoS characteristics, and iii) a platform independent specification. In the paper, we also perform a qualitative assessment of our app roach, and we describe a proof-of-concept implementation.

Citation KeyAmundsen.2006.3