AuthorsK. F. Lindegaard, T. Lundar, J. Wiberg, D. I. K. Sjøberg, R. Aaslid and H. Nornes
TitleVariations in Middle Cerebral Artery Blood Flow Investigated With Noninvasive Transcranial Blood Velocity Measurements
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987

Observations on blood velocity in the middle cerebral artery using transcranial Doppler ultrasound and on the ipsilateral internal carotid artery flow volume were obtained during periods of transient, rapid blood flow variations in 7 patients. Five patients were investigated after carotid endarterectomy. A further 2 patients having staged carotid endarterectomy and open heart surgery were investigated during nonpulsatile cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient selection permitted the assumption that middle cerebral artery flow remained proportional to internal carotid artery flow. The integrated time-mean values from consecutive 5-second periods were computed. The arithmetic mean internal carotid artery flow varied from 167 to 399 ml/min in individual patients, with individual ranges between \pm15% and \pm35% of the mean flow. The mean middle cerebral artery blood velocity varied from 32 to 78 cm/sec. The relation between flow volume and blood velocity was nearly linear under these conditions. Normalization of the data as percent of the individual arithmetic means permitted a composite analysis of data from all patients. Linear regression of normalized blood velocity (V) on normalized flow volume (Q') showed V = 1.05 Q' - 5.08 (r2 = 0.898). (Stroke 1987;18:1025-1030)

Citation KeySE.4.Lindegaard.1987