The Networks department works on resilience in communication networks from a measurement angle, through prototyping and through theoretical studies. This department carries a special responsibility for parts of the mandate of the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications.  These responsibilities include maintaining an infrastructure for measurements and experimentation on the Norwegian commercial network infrastructure, and publishing an annual report on the measured state of these networks. The Networks department provides essential research on both wired and wireless infrastructure vulnerabilities and aims to ensure that threats and accidents have as little impact as possible on critical services within society. 

Brief overview of activities:

The Networks department is part of the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA), which develops and demonstrates protocols and methods for routing and self-configuration that increases the resilience against a range of challenges like failing components, misconfigurations and unexpected traffic patterns. Additionally, the Networks department hosts the Nornet project. Nornet is building up a multi-homed testbed distributed all over Norway which allows large-scale measurements and experiments in both fixed and mobile networks, ultimately providing a free testbed for researchers within the relevant fields. The PRONET project is a EU project where the Networks department takes part - it aims to develop the communication technology based intelligent methods of protection and post fault control for distribution systems with large scale renewable energy generation units and power electronic converters. Similarly, the Networks department is part of the EU FP7 Marie Curie Action "International Research Staff Exchange Schemes" EVANS and CROWN, which aim to increase researcher mobility. EVANS aims for researchers to obtain a better understanding of network virtualisation for future Internet infrastructure, while CROWN focuses on a better understanding of cognitive radio communications and networking for next-generation mobile networks (e.g., 5G).

Current news

The percentage of Telenor connections unable to send data during the outage of August 11, 2016. (Illustration:
During the early hours of Thursday, August 11, Telenor Norway experienced an outage that impacted mobile broadband users for several minutes. According to measurements made by the NorNet Edge...
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