Available Master topics: Communication Systems

Explore the state-of-the-art in marker-based tracking, and try to identify an approach that can be applied in a scenario with several users, where the room appears dark to the user, and we want to render virtual elements on the screen of a hand-held device.

Performance of Blockchain applications is highly dependent of the speed of processing of transactions, which in the future will have similar requirements as multimedia content for processing and distribution.

The immense popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, combined with the availability of high-capacity 3G and 4G mobile networks, has radically changed the way most people access and use the Internet.

Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) is an alternative to HTTP/2+TLS+TCP, proposed by Google, which aims to reduce connection latency by the so called "0-RTT" approach. Running on top of UDP, QUIC is reportedly performing better than TCP especially for high delay - high packet loss networks.

Accidents in US roadways killed about 120,000 people between 2010− 2013 [1]. Norway has about 35% more fatalities per capita in traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles compared to the average figure in Europe [2].

Crowdsourced measurement apps are widely used to measure the performance of Mobile Broadband (MBB) Networks (e.g.

Mobile Broadband Networks (MBB) (e.g. 3G, 4G) are a key component of our daily life and yet, they remain a "black-box" when it comes to analyse their configuration or current state from the user point of view.

Accidents in US roadways killed about 120,000 people between 2010− 2013 [1]. Norway has about 35% more fatalities per capita in traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles compared to the average figure in Europe [2].

There are video sources such as the Facebook Surround 360 camera that has a higher than 4K input.

It seems that nowadays deep learning is used for a lot of different problems and that it is very popular. Nevertheless, deep learning cannot be seen as the silver bullet for all problems and comes with a lot of pitfalls that user often are not aware of.

Audio processing is a very hot topic in machine learning. Nevertheless, using mobile devices to collect audio comes with some challenges. For example, the quality of the microphone, the compression used, etc.

News about players and teams are covered by the media all the time, but making sense of the data requires domain specific knowledge.

Major football events are manually tagged today in the Norwegian and Swedish top leagues. In this project, the student will develop a system for automatically tagging events based on football video and player positional data, when available.

The student will analyze video clips using various machine learning algorithms to provide video highlights that are interesting for supporters to watch.

How people speak can be an important indicator about their psychological and physical state. Audio signal analysis of speech is one tool that can be used to explore this.

360-degree video is gaining popularity on major video platforms like Youtube or Facebook. It enables viewers to consume content from their desired field of view.

Automatic analysis of audio signals of music using machine learning can give a lot of insight in human behaviour and feelings. Nevertheless, it is not well researched how additional sensor data could help to explore and explain the influence of music while train for a sport.

On the road to Exascale computation, multi-/many-core processors and accelerators/coprocessors are increasingly popular.

Mobile phones frequently have access to both WiFi and 4G networks at the same time. The company Celerway Communication has developed technology that can be used to split HTTP traffic across multiple networks, called multi-link HTTP.

The Data Centre Transmission Control Protocol (DCTCP) is widely used in private networks (e.g. Microsoft's and Google's data centres). DCTCP minimises queuing delay in these networks by reducing its rate in proportion to the /extent/ of congestion.

Generic UDP Encapsulation (GUE) has been proposed by Google and Facebook to make data flows and a virtual network identifier visible within data centre networks so that diverse routing can be applied for robustness.

Weighted fair queuing (WFQ) has been a widely used component of networks since it was first proposed in the late 1980s. It involves scheduling jobs (packets in the case of the Internet) so that each user gets the weighted share of capacity they have contracted to receive.

Watching videos can bring quite a few benefits to viewers. They may perhaps consider a video informative, relaxing, exciting, or maybe just background noise. 

MONROE project has developed a unique distributed platform to conduct independent, repeatable, multi-homed, large-scale measurement and experimental campaigns for collecting data from operational Mobile Broadband (3G and 4G) networks.

Consumers, businesses and public services rely heavily on access to the Internet. Wireless and mobile access to Internet has therefore become a crucial asset in people ́s everyday life and businesses. Mobile broadband (MBB) networks (e.g.

In this master project, we aim to further develop BAGADUS which is currently in use at Ullevaal Stadium for the National soccer team and at Alfheim stadium for Tromsø IL.

In this master project, we aim to further develop pmSys. This is a system used to monitor load, wellness and injuries of athletes - both to improve performance and to avoid overuse injuries.

The largest amount of Internet bandwidth is today used for video streaming, in particular from YouTube and Netflix. These use a technology call adaptive streaming over TCP, which tries to adapt as smoothly as possible to the available network capacity and glitches such as packet loss.

To target and engage supporters and fans, new ways to experience for example soccer are needed. Especially young people do not necessarily “just” watch a game in the stadium or on TV at home. They are simultaneously interacting with friends on social media.

The algorithm Scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) is frequently applied in computer vision and a variety of multimedia tasks.

Agadus is a full system ranging from capturing data from cameras to delivery of individual camera angles and sequences to end-users.

Over the past few years, we have building and operating the NorNet Edge (NNE) infrastructure for measuring the quality of mobile broadband networks in Norway. NNE consists of about a hundred measurement nodes that are spread all over Norway.

Many parts of the globe frequently suffer natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. These disasters disrupt vital communication, and utility infrastructures which in turn may result in endangering lives.

As Internet capacity has increased, delay has become the critical factor limiting performance. Active Queue Management (AQM) is an important class of techniques for reducing queuing delay.

Cloud data centres typically sell processing by the second, storage by the GB and network capacity by the Gb/s; plus sometimes data volume sent and/or received as well.

Today, multimedia transmissions account for more than 80% of the traffic through cellular and data networks. Along with the popularity and use of multimedia, network power consumption has increased heavily in the recent years.

Multimedia such as image, audio and video, is an increasingly significant source of sensory observations and information about activities, incidents and the environment.

For network optimisation and analysis, network traces are important to captur

To target and engage supporters and fans, new ways to experience soccer are n

InfiniBand is a state-of-the-art high performance networking technology used in many of the worlds largest supe

InfiniBand is a state-of-the-art high performance networking technology used in many of the worlds largest supe

The dream of being able to build safe, self-driving, autonomous cars are about to become a reality.

Thin streams over TCP are flows with high intertransmission-time between pack