Center for Cardiological Innovation (SFI)

The aim of the Center for Cardiological Innovation (CCI) is to develop the next generation of ultrasound systems for cardiology and new tools for the care of heart failure (HF). The proposed tools and technologies will be created through linking currently isolated diagnostic systems with advanced biomedical research, advanced patient-specific computer simulation, and multi-modality visualization techniques. The targeted clinical uses of the proposed innovations are for better triage and treatment of patients at risk of sudden cardiac death or suffering from heart failure, two of the biggest challenges in cardiology today. Sudden cardiac death (SCD) and death from heart failure (HF) remain as the two major challenges in modern cardiology. 

The goal of the Center for Cardiological Innovation (CCI) is to produce commercially and clinically driven advances in cardiac diagnostics and applications to solve this problem.  This is enabled by bringing together the leaders in clinical cardiovascular science, major industrial partners, and advanced patient specific cardiac simulation. 

CCI is hosted by Oslo University Hospital. Please visit their website for more information. 

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