Co-tester: Collective-Adaptive Testing of Coevolving Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems under Uncertainty

Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS) exhibit unpredictable behaviours due to their coevolution, employed machine learning techniques, collective behaviours, and operation in uncertain environments and unreliable communication networks. Consequently, testing these systems is highly challenging. The Co-tester project aims to address this challenge by developing novel collective-adaptive testing strategies. These strategies will be empowered with advanced artificial intelligence technologies (e.g., machine learning and evolutionary computation techniques), supported with novel strategies for discovering uncertain and unknown behaviours of CPSoS, its constituted Cyber-Physical Systems, operating environment, and networks for extensive testing of CPSoS.

Funding Source

  • Norwegian Research Council's FRIPRO scheme. Total funding 12 Million NOK.


Software Engineering



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