CROWN: Cross-layer Research on Green Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks and Services

The objective of the CROWN project is to increase researchers’ mobility to obtain better understanding of green cooperative cognitive radio for future mobile Internet infrastructure. In particular, the transfer of knowledge, mainly as a result of researcher’s mobility, will focus on a new vision of green Cooperative CR paradigm, or CCR. This new vision advocates the seamless integration of three important aspects of modern wireless communication systems, i.e., green, cooperativeness and cross-layer. It is the aim of this project to explore a systematic way to bring together these features into a CCR network so as to maximize its effective network throughput (excluding signalling overhead) while staying green. In the meanwhile, the design of the CROWN network architecture will also take into consideration the new trend of services (e.g., increasing more video streaming) and their provisioning mechanisms (such as cloud computing). This staff exchange programme will also help develop new research links and deepen and strengthen the current research links amongst the partners and help build up long-term, world-class research in future wireless Internet technologies. The final goal is to explore a systematic way to integrate greenness, cooperativeness and cross-layer into a Cognitive Cooperative Radio networks so as to maximize its network performance.

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