Department of Advanced Computing and System Performance

Many sophisticated, resource-demanding applications (such as virtual / augmented reality or novel uses of machine learning for data-intensive applications) have one need in common — getting the most out of the available computing and networking systems, to achieve the best possible application performance in the most efficient way.

The Advanced Computing and System Performance department (CASPER) takes a system / end-to-end view to address such performance and efficiency challenges at several levels. Our research leverages advances in hardware and focuses on the design and analysis of algorithms, computing and communication methods. Our main goal is to boost application performance and optimise resource utilisation and efficiency.

CASPER follows an experimental, hands-on approach to research on solving performance and efficiency issues. Prototyping and testing on real systems is a core part of our research methods. In particular, we are one of the main actors involved in the design and development of one of the largest high-performance computing and machine learning research infrastructures in Norway.

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