Department of Machine Intelligence

Machine learning has gained enormous international momentum, and it has been defined as a separate research topic since 2018 at Simula. In particular, as a part of the new Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering, a new Machine Intelligence Department (MIND) has been established in 2018.  

MIND aims at advancing frontiers of machine learning and data mining by developing novel methodologies and algorithmic solutions for the analysis of complex systems and high-dimensional data in science and industry. Specifically, the research activities represented within MIND span three general areas: statistical learning and regularization theory; data mining with focus on matrix and tensor factorization; and deep learning applications.  In addition, MIND contributes to the areas of system research related to machine learning, like security, performance, model compression.

The MIND’s ultimate goal is to apply the developed techniques to address challenging problems in various real-life applications from biomedical signal and image analysis, systems biology, climate to social and communication networks. 

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