Cardiac Modeling

In recent years, the field of computational cardiac modeling and simulation has matured in both scope and methodology such that it can contribute significantly to the present understanding of heart physiology and disease. 

Research focus

The CaMo (Computational Cardiac Modeling) department at Simula is an integrated team of researchers working collaboratively with both experimentalists and clinicians to address current challenges in cardiology through Simula's partnership in the Center for Cardiological Innovation SFI. The multifarious backgrounds of CaMo member scientists, a particular strength of the Group, enables focus on both development of state-of-the-art heart simulation tools and the targeted application of these tools to gain mechanistic insight into diverse biophysical cardiac phenomena: our work ranges from investigation of subcellular calcium ion channel phenomena to organ-level analysis of the ischemic heart.

Research projects

Current projects include development of a robust and accurate simulator for the electrical and mechanical behavior of the heart and associated applications, as well as investigation of the role of pathological cardiac tissue structure in arrhythmogenesis and arrhythmia maintenance.