Software Engineering

Software is pervasive in all areas of society. Business and safety-critical systems increasingly use software to improve development productivity, enable more sophisticated operations, and provide flexibility in handling evolving needs. To ensure successful operation and to avoid undue risks for the users or the environment, software must be reliable, robust, efficient, safe, and secure. Despite large investments, many software systems fail on one or more of these requirements. The Software Engineering department addresses this challenge through research on better planning of software development projects, and through improving strategies for testing mission-critical software systems.

The latter topic is the main focus of Certus, a Norwegian Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) hosted by Simula. In response to the continually increasing demand for dependable systems and for ways to bring software verification and validation costs under control, Simula has established a leading research and innovation centre on software V&V in Europe. The Certus Centre is funded by the Norwegian Research Council as part of the Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) program.

Current news

Magne Jørgensen (Photo: Sverre Jarild)
Simula researcher Magne Jørgensen is a member of the new council, which will contribute to the quality of government funded ICT projects from January 1st, 2016.
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