Available Master topics: Software Engineering

Crisis response exercises are held regularly, but often with unclear learning objectives, unplanned data collection and inferior analyses. You will contribute to developing an exercise management system for structured planning, execution and analysis of crisis response exercises.
This topic focuses on developing automated testing methods for cancer registration and support system at Cancer Registry of Norway.
Developing automated testing tools for telehealth services at Oslo City.
Robots are playing key roles in many social and industrial applications such as in hospitals, automation in automotive domains, etc. Digital twins, i.e, live and digital representations of a physical twin such as robots, promise to significantly improve their reliability, helping them in making optimized decisions in real-time and predict future activities such as predictive maintenance. While the concept of digital twins is currently attracting a lot of attention, there is little research done on the principles to design and implement them.
Develop and evaluate data-driven techniques and prototypes for automatically repairing bugs in source code.
Investigate, develop and evaluate data-driven techniques and prototypes that help software engineers build software systems that are autonomously self-healing. These are systems that can understand when they are not operating correctly and, without human intervention, make the necessary adjustments to restore themselves to normal operation.
Just as story points are estimates of the cost of a piece of IT functionality, benefit points are estimates of the intended benefit (value for stakeholders) of that piece of functionality. It seems obvious that one should use benefit points in addition to story points, but benefit points (or similar metrics) are not in widespread use.
An IT system is meant for creating benefit for both service providers and service consumers. Often, disbenefit is created instead. You will study the phenomena of co-production of benefit and co-destruction into disbenefit in public service IT systems.
This project compares various available quantum computer emulators and see how their correctness varies.
Develop data-driven techniques and prototypes for automatically assessing the security of a software system by analyzing the system's source code for potential security vulnerabilities during the development stage.
This project involves developing new methods to design, develop, and test Autonomous Rovers, similar to those used on Mars.
Implementing software tools for designing, developing, and testing of self-driving cars.
This master project will focus on the design of digital twin models for medical Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs).
This topic is about developing digital twins for various types of cyber-physical systems.
This master project will investigate the use of PCIe interconnect for distributed in-memory storage.
In building and deploying various government subsidy and support programs, government agencies used different approaches. The innovations should be studied to understand applicability in other situations, and what conditions determine design and scope.
Are you interested in experimenting with IBM's real quantum computer?
This master project will investigate novel use of emerging programmable network adaptors for accelerating Big data processing.
This master project will investigate novel use of emerging programmable network cards for improving the performance of the distributed in-memory machine learning.
Construction, evaluation and reasoning using knowledge graphs for software security assessments.
The goal is to apply existing quantum search algorithms or develop new quantum search and optimization algorithms to solve classical optimization problems.
Develop and evaluate log parsing techniques for extraction of semantic information in log messages.
You will design and validate training scenarios for IT professionals to learn how to manage the design, development, deployment and use of IT systems so that intended benefit is realized.
Develop and evaluate methods to alleviate the overfitting problem in automated program repair
Developing methods based on AI techniques to discover unforeseen situations in Elevators or Train.
This thesis topic focuses on the methods to develop and test quantum programs.