Available Master topics: Software Engineering

Throughout human history, access to new data, has revealed new insight, spawned new industries and progressed our understanding of the world.

Strength training is gaining popularity thanks to proven benefits due to an increase of the athlete’s muscular mass. In order to help athletes perform a correct strength training, some devices, like the T-Force Dynamic Measurement System [1] have appeared.

Displays in cyber physical systems in the outdoors must adapt to a wide variety of environmental conditions such as sunlight, rain, shock, and limited battery life to name a few.

Software thrives when its part of a socio-technical system. In Norway, one such socio-technical system is that of the cervical cancer screening program for women in the age group 25-69 years.

Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) have emerged as the game changer in many areas such as transportation, energy, military, and healthcare. CPS consists of computational elements, which control physical entities and collaborate with each other.

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are large-scale systems of systems that have emerged as a game changer in many areas such as transportation, energy, military, and healthcare.

Testing is currently the most widely used technique in industry to gain some confidence in the absence of major bugs, normally in a cost-efficient way.

Can I play a board game with friends and help solve a complex scientific problem or acheive social mobilization? This is the general question that intrigues us. Lets take a look at social mobilization.

The master theses will develop an energy-efficient algorithm for computing ventilation- and lactate-thresholds based on real-time respiration data. The respiration is measured using a chest-belt that is worn around an athlete’s chest, similar to a heart-rate belt.

​Achieving the feeling flow in rowing takes several years of practice on a single scull. It is a feeling where the boat glides on water and gives maximum response for effort put in (sweet spot). It is also extremely hard to teach for coaches.

The master theses relates to accurately computing respiration from measurement done by use of a chest-belt. The computation should be based on measurement of the change in tension, or strain, of a belt worn around the chest of a athlete.

The project aims to develop a systematic and automated way of developing the