Available Master topics: Software Engineering

You will implement and test a web-based design interface, where exercise managers and trainers can plan crisis response exercises. This front-end will interact with an AI-planning module (developed by us) which aids planners when using the front-end. The planned simulation will run in a simulation platform such as Unity.
his topic focuses on developing automated testing methods for cancer registration and support system at Cancer Registry of Norway.
Developing automated testing tools for telehealth services at Oslo City.
Investigate, develop and evaluate data-driven techniques and prototypes that help software engineers build software systems that are autonomously self-healing. These are systems that can understand when they are not operating correctly and, without human intervention, make the necessary adjustments to restore themselves to normal operation.
To help IT professionals optimize the value for stakeholders, you will develop a set of easy-to-use tool for estimating and monitoring how much potential benefit a system under development will produce. You will design the tool based on recent theoretical results, and you will test and evaluate the tool with actual software professionals.
This project focuses on building digital twin for one or more parts of the seafood supply chain.
This project focuses on building digital twins for Smart Buildings (e.g., Smart Hospitals) and Smart Power Generators (e.g., Wind Turbines) for advanced analyses with AI techniques.
Survey the literature, techniques, tools, and tactics employed by competitors in DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge, and use selected techniques, tools, and tactics to develop and evaluate a prototype autonomous secure and resilient system.
Develop and evaluate data-driven techniques and prototypes for automatically assessing the security of a software system by analyzing the system's source code for potential security vulnerabilities during the development stage.
This topic is about developing digital twins for various types of cyber-physical systems.
Construction, evaluation and reasoning using knowledge graphs for software vulnerability assessments.
Developing methods based on AI techniques design, develop, and test various Drone applications.
The goal is to apply existing quantum search algorithms or develop new quantum search and optimization algorithms to solve classical optimization problems.
This topic explores testing reinforcement learning agents, their training, and their environments through automatic generation of test scenarios.
Developing methods based on AI techniques to discover unforeseen situations in Elevators or Train.
This thesis topic focuses on the methods to develop and test quantum programs.