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Simula announces two scholarships for budding IT entrepreneurs. The two winners will each get NOK 500 000 in an entrepreneurial scholarship in order to develop their business idea. One of the...
Simula congratulates Aslak Bergersen after he recieves the best thesis award from the Norwegian Computing Centre. (Photo: Simula)
Simula congratulates PhD student Aslak Bergersen, who won the award for best Master's thesis in Mathematics and Computer science at the University of Oslo...
Hans Petter Langtangen. (Photo: Simula/Sverre Jarild)
Our friend and colleague, Professor Hans Petter Langtangen, passed away on October 10th.
Simula Innovation have been awarded 5MNOK by Innovation Norway, to be invested in promising startup companies in the pre-seed phase.
Professor Olav Lysne (Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim)
The Ministry of Defense established an independent committee in February with the objective of evaluating main issues concerning the collection of information from the digital traffic in and out of...
Håvard Espeland (right), project leader for POPART, demonstrates the new technology. Photo: Simula/Christian Bjerke
POPART was one of the first projects awarded Simula within the Horizon 2020 research programme, and the project reached its conclusion August 24th when the final review took place in Grimstad, Norway.
Alessio Buccino from the Summer School tests the waters of San Diego. Photo: Christopher Villongco, UCSD
17 students attended this year's Summer School, a joint venture in Computational Physiology between the University of Oslo, University of California, San Diego, and Simula. ...


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Digitalisering. HiOAs utdanningskraft og Simulas forskningskvalitet vil sammen besvare en av Osloregionens store arbeidskraftsutfordringer og skape et sterkere kunnskapsgrunnlag for Osloregionen,
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Mandag 10. oktober døde professor Hans Petter Langtangen, 54 år gammel. Hans Petter vokste opp på Ris i Oslo og har sin utdannelse fra Universitetet i Oslo (UiO).
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Digitalisering. Simulasenteret på Fornebu og Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus skal etablere et forsknings- og utdanningsmiljø for digitalsiering. Senteret skal ha tilhold på høgskolen.
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