Simula's main objective is to create knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges that are of genuine value for society.

Simula is a research organisation conducting high-quality research within information and communication technology. Simula’s mission is to benefit society by solving important problems in science, educating the next generation, and developing profitable tech enterprises.


Simula is organised as a group of 6 units, which together perform Simula's activities in research, education and innovation. These activities are conducted in close partnership with various Norwegian and international institutions. Simula has developed a strong workplace culture, and we are bound by a strict code of conduct. Our past, current and future activities and plans are documented in our official reports.

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To be an excellent research lab, solving important and fundamental problems of science and engineering, training highly-qualified experts and leaders, and developing commercial enterprises.

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The Simula Group is governed by a Board of Directors, which are appointed by its owners (The Ministry of Education and Research), as well as a management group that is selected by the CEO. In addition, each of Simula's legal entity has an independent Board of Directors, who in turn appoint the director of that entity.

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Simula Culture

The Simula culture is founded on these four core values: respect, ambition, curiosity and excellence. These values remind us of what matters most in the decisions we make and the actions we take every day. They remind us that we treat one another well, both inside and outside of Simula; that we can learn from our differences. They encourage us to strive for and achieve things we thought were impossible; things that make a difference to real people. They celebrate the inquisitive nature of science and the drive to figure things out. And they push us to do our best and then to do a little better the next time.

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Awards & Milestones

In 2022, Simula celebrated its 20th anniversary, and these two decades have been marked by a number of important milestones, awards, and celebrations.

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Institutional partnerships and joint ventures in Norway and abroad, as well as close collaborations with research and education partners.

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