Where research expertise meets the practical needs of society.

It is no secret that research often leads to innovation. What is often missing is the next step to apply these discoveries to the real world. Simula's innovation and applied research activities are bridging the gap to do just that. 

The paths toward real-world applications are made possible through early phase investments, business development, and customised solutions.

Simula Consulting

Provides high-quality R&D consulting services to organisations large and small. Simula Consulting specialises in the core competence areas of Simula: scientific computing, software engineering, communication systems, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Contract Research

Drawing on the expertise of over 150 researchers, Simula conducts contract research for both the private and public sectors. This allows us to create a specialised team with the expertise that a given project demands, and plays a major part in fulfilling Simula’s ambition to conduct research that contributes to lasting innovation in society.

Simula Innovation

By vetting and investing in promising tech start ups, Simula Innovation aims to develop profitable tech enterprises. A diverse portfolio of investments are helping to grow real solutions and create jobs in sectors such as fintech, biotech, proptech and many more applications that pervade daily life.

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