Simula Academy

Simula Academy

Simula Academy is the hub for researcher training and continuous professional development at Simula.

Simula's mission is to solve important and fundamental problems of science and engineering, with the main goal of benefiting and advancing society. To continue this important work, we rely on recruiting, developing and retaining excellent candidates at Simula.

The aim of Simula Academy is to provide the right training opportunities for all our employees to develop the skills they need to do their best work.

Researcher training & development

We prepare our researchers (and other staff) with the skills needed to be experts and leaders in their field, so they can pursue a successful career in (and out of) academic research. Typical offers for researchers include training in leadership skills, scientific communications, and how to acquire and manage a grant. Some of these trainings are specific for PhD students and others for more experienced researchers, while more transferrable skills trainings are available to all employees.

On the job training

We provide practical opportunities at Simula, from paid internships that are embedded in the research groups, fully employed PhD candidates and postdocs, and permanent research staff with additional training opportunities for developing the skills needed for a successful career in (or out of) research. In close collaboration with our partners abroad, we also offer researcher exchanges and secondments.

Graduate students & courses

We organise a number of MSc and PhD-level courses at Simula, which attract participants from around the world. Two of our flagship graduate courses are: the
Summer School in Computational Physiology and Communicating Scientific Research. In addition, our researchers teach a number of university courses at our major university partners in Norway, and supervise a wide variety of Master's thesis projects in our research departments.

Recruitment & onboarding activities

Simula Academy is actively involved in recruitment of new students and employees to Simula, and provides a series of offers for employees in new roles at Simula. The majority of our recruitment activities are conducted through our summer internships program, job fairs and company presentations, and our job listings.

Employees that are new to Simula are offered a series of short introductory sessions to learn about how Simula works (the culture, systems, opportunities, and social events) and Norwegian language courses are offered to those wishing to learn or improve their Norwegian skills.

For more information about the Academy and our activities, and inquiries about career events and related activities: