Courses & Summer Schools

We organise a number of MSc and PhD-level courses at Simula, which attract participants from around the world. In addition, our researchers teach a number of university courses as part of the curriculum at our major university partners in Norway.

This page lists the ongoing and recently held courses at Simula.

SSCP - Summer School in Computational Physiology

One of our flagship courses, held annually.

The summer school takes place over 4 weeks in the summer, split between Oslo, Norway in June and San Diego, USA in August. Students learn the theoretical foundations of mathematical models and then apply these models to physiological systems, working closely with leading researchers in their fields.

For: PhD candidates & MSc students - 10 ECTS at UiO (others can apply to audit the course).

CSR - Communicating Scientific Research

One of our flagship courses, held annually.

This intensive communication course takes place in Oslo, over 1 week in the autumn and 1 week in the spring semesters. Students learn how to effectively communicate their research to a wide range of audiences using different types of media, from scientific writing and presentations to the use of short films.

For: PhD candidates - 5 ECTS at UiO (others can apply to audit the course).

Recently held courses

  • Functional Analysis Essentials for the Finite Element Method (FAEFEM): This course focuses on the essentials of functional analysis that are directly useful in designing, understanding, and analyzing finite element methods. Such methods present an efficient tool in approximating solutions to partial differential equations (PDEs). With the availability of platforms like FEniCS, such methods have become increasingly accessible. The┬ácourse adopts a functional analytic perspective to explore why, how, and when such methods work well or fail. Completing this course provides a broader access to the mathematical literature which enables participants to transfer ideas to their relevant applications. For: open to researchers and students who use finite element methods for their simulations. Was held in March 2023.
  • Summer School - From Energy Systems to Energy Justice: This summer school covered contemporary topics in energy systems along with the interaction to socio-technical perspectives. The lectures covered the recent trends and modern approaches in energy systems, such as energy sharing, battery management, microgrids and virtual power plants, energy justice and more. The summer school took place in Sundvolden, Norway, as part of the LUCS project. For: PhD candidates and MSc students. Was held in September 2022.
  • Summer School - Green Computing Meets Green Energy 2021: Speakers from both industry and research institutions presented their work on the intersection of energy-efficient computing and renewable energy, including their reciprocal impacts and benefits. This summer school took place in Lille, France, as part of the LUCS project. For: PhD candidates and MSc students. Was held in September 2021.

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