Professional development

Professional development

Real people, real progress.

At Simula, we endeavour to prepare our employees with the skills and experiences needed to be experts and leaders in their field. Many of these skills are specific to research; those described here are both important and easily transferrable to a variety of vocations both in and outside of research.

Leadership - annual workshops are tailored to train the skills needed for leading in a research organisation, covering topics such as situational leadership, motivation, and academic feedback and mentoring.

Project management - in addition to the processes and automations in place managing the various aspects of research projects, we tailored training for project leaders to help them successfully manage the people and details from start to finish.

For new employees

New employee seminar - new colleagues are welcomed to Simula and given key information and resources to help them adjust to their new workplace and make the most use of the services and opportunities provided by Simula. 

Annual information seminars - Simula regularly organises seminars on employment-related topics to help employees navigate the Norwegian system; for example, seminars on filing your taxes and understanding your pension.

Timely e-training - employees are kept up to date with nanolearning trainings topics such as information security awareness, GDPR and privacy.