Careers at Simula

Ideas are born and take flight at Simula

Simula is a team of experts based in Norway that produce world-leading research in Information and Communication Technology. Through research, education, and innovation, we are advancing the field of ICT while also helping usher promising innovations into real-world application like CRNA and Augere Medical

We have consistently been recognized for excellence in research. We believe this is due to our focus on five core research fields within ICT: scientific computing, software engineering, communication systems, machine learning, & cryptography.

Introverts and extroverts alike, we are curious searchers - thinkers and doers, who share one ambitious goal: to create knowledge that truly benefits and advances society. Knowledge that moves us forward and makes us — all of us — stronger. Healthier. Safer. Better. 

"Simula is a great place to do science. That is why

I have stayed for more than 20 years."

Joakim Sundnes, Director of SRL Research

Always learning, always growing

We believe that the best places to work offer autonomy as well as structure; the opportunity to make an impact and, at the same time, to pursue personal growth and development. This is why we actively encourage our researchers to ask hard questions, to explore new paths of inquiry - and to constantly seek new opportunities to learn from others, whether it be with a colleague in the office beside them or a potential collaborator at a university halfway across the globe. 

"I've been blown away by the opportunity to work in this unique place that bridges academic collaboration, government, and private industry - there are so many exciting career paths here."

Kimberly McCabe, Research Scientist

How do we do this? Through forums and seminars, training and courses, and generous support for research stays abroad.

We have several educational partners providing our researchers with opportunities both national and international. Among our international partner's institutions, you will find the University of California, San Diego, Beihang University in China, the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria) and TU Berlin. In Norway, Simula collaborates closely with the University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Oslo Metropolitan University, and BI – The Norwegian Business School. 

"As a PhD student at Simula, I was able to spend 9 months at Stanford University in an environment that promotes the very cutting edge of science. This was an invaluable part of my training as a PhD-student."

Aslak Wigdahl Bergersen, former PhD student

Peek inside our offices - whether you are at our headquarters in downtown Oslo, Oslo Metropolitan University at Bislett (Oslo) or Bergen Technology Center - and you’ll find an informal, inclusive research environment. On any given day, you might see a cluster of researchers in animated conversation, gathered around a whiteboard, scribbling furiously. Look another direction, and some of us will be working independently in rooms where we have space and quiet to really focus and think deeply. And still elsewhere, one of us may be grabbing a power nap in a designated resting room. And in our communal areas, we’ve placed pool tables and chess boards. And coffee. Really good, bottomless, free, coffee. 

Love your work, and your life

Pursuing a career in research shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personal life, which is common in many parts of the world. But not here. While excellence and drive are core to Simula, so too is a deep and fundamental appreciation of our employees as people — and not just researchers. People with families, passions, and pursuits outside the office. 

"Simula is truly international and embracing of diversity. It's a constantly evolving place, rich with opportunity and effective mechanisms to build your career - especially as a female researcher."

Tao Yue, former Chief Research Scientist at Simula

This ethos is also embedded in the culture and policies of Norway - a place recently recognized as the Happiest Place on Earth by the United Nations. Living and working here, and at Simula in particular, means generous holidays and time off, a competitive salary, generous paid parental leave, along with more benefits found few other places on earth. (We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out this fun perk: free use of a company cabin where employees can escape to the Norwegian countryside when they need a break from it all - or to do focused work).

Simula - where ideas are born and take flight

Since 2001 Simula has maintained its foundational activities of research, education and innovation. This work is mission-driven, contributing to the research community, academia and society. Keep learning about Simula.