Contract research

Contract research

Simula engages in contract research with partners in both the private and public sectors. Harnessing the collective skill of over 150 specialised researchers, our approach involves curating teams where individuals contribute their comprehensive grasp of the subject matter, technical nuances, and industry trends relevant to the project's scope.

Research Areas

The following descriptions offer a high-level overview of Simula's five main research areas:

Communication Systems - In our digital society everything is connected by the internet - this makes things more efficient, and more vulnerable. We seek ways to take advantage of the opportunities and reduce the risks associated with modern communication systems.
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Cryptography - We design and analyse cryptographic schemes for secure communication and computation, evaluate the security of their implementation, and develop techniques for efficient, secure and reliable communications, networking, storage and retrieval of information.
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Scientific Computing - An essential part of scientific computing is to describe reality with mathematical models; we focus on both theoretical foundations and applications of these models.
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Software Engineering - The goal of our research is to ensure that the software we rely on is robust, reliable, safe and secure, both for today’s systems and for quantum systems of the future.
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Machine Learning - Our research focuses on the mathematical foundations of machine learning, the experimental study of the algorithms, and the application of machine learning in real-life applications including sports, human health and software engineering.
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Contact these people for more information on contract research within these areas:

Sven-Arne Reinemo

Research Director of Machine Learning and Communication Systems.

Are Magnus Bruaset

Research Director of Software Engineering

Joakim Sundnes

Director of SRL Research, contact for Scientific Computing

Øyvind Ytrehus

Research Director of Cryptography

Holger Hussmann

Director of Simula Consulting

Simula Consulting specialises in solving complex problems with cutting-edge technology, bridging the gap between academic discoveries and real-world challenges.