Research exchanges

Research exchanges

Science is necessarily global. More people leads to additional perspectives, which means things can move forward more quickly and successfully.

"Having people from all over the world working together makes the research better and makes everyone more accommodating and open."

Shaukat Ali, Chief Research Scientist & Research Professor

Simula invests in bilateral research stays with partnering institutions abroad. Here is a sampling of the current projects and programs that facilitate researcher exchanges, from our flagship international PhD training program & mobility projects to individual fellowships and more.

International PhD training program


SUURPh is the flagship program that funds several adjunct researchers and cohorts of 8-10 PhD positions, whose projects are co-supervised by researchers in California at UC San Diego, and researchers in Oslo at Simula and the University of Oslo.

SUURPH also funds the annual Simula Summer School in Computational Physiology (SSCP).

Researcher Exchange & Mobility Projects

Presently there are two dedicated projects that support collaborations with partners in California, USA. Both of these are funded through the Research Council of Norway's INTPART program (International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation) which supports research & education collaborations between Norway and other nations.


SIMula Berkeley Education & Research Collaboration

The Simula Berkeley Education & Research Collaboration (SIMBER) project provides educational and mobility opportunities between leading scientists in Norway at Simula and California (UCB and LBL). This enhances partnerships in the areas of high-performance computing and high-throughput stem cell screening methods for pharmaceutical development.


Simulating the Multi-Scale Pathophysiology of Mental Illness

The SIMENT project offers mobility and educational opportunities that strengthen partnerships between scientists in Norway (at UiO and Simula) and California (UCSD and UCB). Together, these leading scientists are developing approaches for understanding the genetic basis of mental illness.

Personal Fellowships

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships

Simula is keen to host excellent postdocs from outside of Norway and has established a programme to help promising candidates with their application.

ERCIM fellows

Simula is a host in the ERCIM Alain Bensoussan Fellowship Programme, which offers fellowships for PhD holders from all over the world.

FULBRIGHT Scholarships

Researchers at Simula have received Fulbright scholarships for extended stays at top-tier universities in the USA.

FRIPRO Mobility Grants

Young researchers at Simula are supported through Simula's quality assurance process in preparing their grant applications for Researcher Projects with International Mobility.

Interested in partnering with Simula, but not eligible for one of our ongoing projects? Get in touch - we are always interested in partnering with the best!