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MInister of Research and Higher Education Iselin Nybø, Minister of Justice, Public Security and Immigration Tor Mikkel Wara. Photo: Simula/Karoline Hagane
The Minister of Research and Higher Education Iselin Nybø and the Minister of Justice, Public Security and Immigration Tor Mikkel Wara visited Simula yesterday. The purpose of the visit was to...
Dr. Kyrre Lekve (Simula) and Professor Katrin Franke (NTNU) at the opening of the 2017 Cyber Security Seminar. Photo: Simula
The 3rd Cyber and Information Security Symposium, jointly organized by the NTNU Center for Cyber and Information Security (NTNU CCIS) and Simula Research Laboratory (Simula) will take place on May...
A tiny subset of the Jupyter contributors and users that made Jupyter possible — Biannual development meeting, 2016, LBNL. (Photo:
Simula's Min Ragan-Kelley is among the 15 steering committee members, who are the official award winners. The ACM Software System Award is awarded annually to an institution or individual(s)...
Simula Metropolitan’s Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA) performs long term measurements of Norwegian mobile broadband networks. The measurements form the basis for an annual...
Prorector Morten Irgens, Director of the Simula Garage Christian Bjerke, and Rector Curt Rice of OsloMet. (Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim)
The Simula Garage, or Gründergarasjen, is a work space and competence centre where entrepreneurs can get their businesses started for free. The Garage is expanding and opened a new branch at OsloMet...
PhD students at Simula. (Photo: Bård Gudim)
Last year, a record 17 PhD students under Simula supervision completed their PhD. In total, 115 PhD students have completed their thesis at Simula since 2001.
The newest volume of the Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing is now available for download. This book illuminates our unrealistic assumptions about time and helps us avoid making overoptimistic time...


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Innovasjon. OsloMet og Simula gir spenstige gründere gratis kontor og støttefunksjoner. Fylkeskommunen støtter også prosjektet med navn Gründergarasjen.
Lanserer gratis kompetansesenter for oppstart, kommersialisering og teknologiutvikling for ansatte, studenter og tidligere studenter. Initiativet er et spleiselag mellom Simula og OsloMet - lokalisert midt på Campus Bislet.
- Gründergarasjen skal være med på å skape en kultur for verdiskaping, og gi gründerne våre de verktøyene de trenger for å lykkes, sier rektor Curt Rice. Onsdag 25. april åpner Gründergarasjen@OsloMet. Når: Onsdag 25. april kl.
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