Annual Result 2015
The Simula Board. Photo by Simula/Bård Gudim

Annual Result 2015


The annual accounts for Simula Research Laboratory were approved by the Board of Directors 9 March 2016.

The revenue of Simula* has grown from 148.5 MNOK in 2014 to 191 MNOK in 2015, a growth of 28.5%. The operating expenses have increased from 149.3 MNOK in 2014 to 173.4 MNOK in 2015, a growth of 16.1%. The growth in revenues is significantly higher than the growth in expenses, and this has resulted in a profit before tax of 17.6 MNOK in 2015. The net profit after tax is 16.2 MNOK.

The 2015 results were strong, and the budgeted results for 2016 are expected to remain solid, although somewhat lower than in 2015. Total revenue in the budget for 2016 is 231 MNOK, a growth of 21% from 2015. The profit before tax in the 2016 budget is 13.2 MNOK.

For more information, please contact Finance Manager Monica Eriksen.

*consisting of Simula Research Laboratory AS, Simula School of Research and Innovation AS, Simula Innovation AS and Kalkulo AS.