Celebrating Fulbright Fellowship recipients
Fulbright Fellowship recipients from 2021.

Celebrating Fulbright Fellowship recipients


Ingeborg Gjerde is the latest to be awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to visit the University of Florida.

Gjerde joins a string of recent successes with the Fulbright Fellowship. In 2021, Marie Rognes and Marte Julie Sætrawere awarded fellowships enabling research visits to the University of California, San Diego and University of Pennsylvania, respectively.

Rognes, currently staying atthe University of California, San Diego, will continue to strengthen and extend her research program on mathematical modelling of the biophysics of the human brain. Her research will create new tools for understanding the interplay between the brain and the body - across the spectrum from pathological conditions to peak performance.

Recently returned recipient, Marte Julie Sætra had this to say about her visit,"Going abroad allowed me to work one-on-one with one of the leading experts in my field and gave me plenty of new experiences." Sætresought to understand the fundamental principles of brain function by use of mathematical modeling. Through the Fulbright scholarship, shedeveloped new mathematical models of brain tissue in order to study pathological conditions such as epilepsy.

During a three-month period this fallIngeborg Gjerdewill visitthe University of Florida to work on dimensional reduction and discretization of PDEs with Dr. James Fairbanks. In particular, they will study the discretization of pulsatile network flow models using finite element methods and exterior calculus. She is currently using these models to study the mechanisms driving cerebrospinal fluid flow in the brain. As a part of her research stay she will further collaborate with Prof. Malisa Sarntinoranont on using these models to answer fundamental questions regarding how the brain clears metabolic waste.

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