eX3 in a nutshell - a new feature article
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eX3 in a nutshell - a new feature article


You may not know what a supercomputer is, but you use them every day...

Supercomputers can help scientist achieve impressive feats of computing, like producing up-to-date weather forecasts and the cybersecurity measures that keep our bank accounts safe. Many of today’s technological advancements would be impossible without the processing power of supercomputers.

But these machines are changing rapidly. In fact, “No one knows for sure what future supercomputers will look like," explains Xing Cai, Head of High Performance Computing at Simula. "But whatever comes next, we want to be ready for it.” This is why Simula has teamed up with nine major academic and industry partners throughout Norway to create the eX3 platform, a national resource to pave the way for exascale computing in Norway.

Read more about eX3 and exascale computing in the new feature article, "Preparing Norway for the next generation supercomputers". This feature, written by Henrique Kugler, explores the exciting potential of eX3, Norway's platform for performing hands-on experiments with emerging high-performance computing technologies (hardware and software).

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