Guest lecture: Seminars in Scientific Computing Series
Female guest lecturer in front of podium

Guest lecture: Seminars in Scientific Computing Series


Simula is pleased to announce that Dr. Irène Vignon-Clementel will present at Simula seminars in scientific computing, Thursday, September 1st 11-12 in the HPL lecture hall.

About the speaker

Dr. Irène Vignon-Clementel, is a Senior Researcherat Inria Saclay Île-de-France Research Center.
Hemodynamics and transport modelling in the liver: microcirculation & whole system levels.


The liver is a major organ for detoxification. An important component in detoxification modelling is the impact of flow on the metabolism of a compound of interest carried by blood. Red blood cells (Fahraeus-Lindqvist and plasma skimming) effects on blood flow are modelled in typical microcirculatory components, especially of the liver.

The transport of a compound in blood and exchanges with the surrounding cells is then simulated. A numerical scheme is proposed for converging multi-furcations, to handle input signals of varying sharpness. We study the effect of reactions and of the network itself on the bolus shape in a liver lobule as an example of microcirculatory networks.

When liver disease develops such as liver cancer or chronic liver disease, the only curative treatments are partial liver resection or liver transplantation. These surgeries induce hemodynamics changes at the whole organ level. A numerical lumped model of the whole circulation is developed to anticipate the surgical risk of hypertension and explore new surgical ideas. A sensitivity analysis is also presented to better assess the link between parameters and possible patient hemodynamics measurements.

Event Details:

  • Time: Thursday, September 1st 11 am -12 pm
  • Location: Simula Research Laboratory in the HPL lecture hall.
  • Guest Sign up: No sign up needed.