International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering kicks off Monday October 23
International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering

International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering kicks off Monday October 23


CSEConf17 is an international conference on computational science and engineering organised in honour of the late Professor Hans Petter Langtangen. The main topics for the conference will be software, education, and biomedical applications, as a tribute to Langtangen's impressive impact on the scientific computing community.

About the conference

The conference takes place October 23-25 at Stratos in Oslo, Norway. For each of the three conference days, the program will be a balanced combination of a biographical note on Hans Petter Langtangen’s contributions to the relevant field, keynote presentations and contributed talks. Each of thedays will be dedicated to one of the three topics: Software, Education, and Biomedical Applications.

Keynote speakers and contributorsinclude many of Hans Petter's colleagues, associates and students. The conference is fully booked. In order to learn more about the conference, visit the CSEConf'17 website.

Hans Petter Langtangen

Hans Petter Langtangen was extraordinarily productive as an educator, researcher, author and supervisor. As a researcher his work was highly interdisciplinary, combining mathematics, statistics and computer science to address problems in physics, geoscience, physiology and medicine.

He joined Simula in 2001 as one of the founding professors, andremained a cornerstone of the research and educational environment at Simula. Hans Petter had the position of Simula Fellow, which gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted – and what Hans Petter wanted was to research, program, teach and mentor students.

In addition to his impressive scientific output, he had a passion for teaching and was highly popular among his students. He established one of the most popular enduring courses at the University of Oslo and supervised close to 100 Master and PhD graduates. He passed away on October 10, 2016, and is sorely missed. A memorial page for Hans Petter has been created where several members of the scientific community have shared their memories of him.