LO visited Simula last week
LO President Hans-Christian Gabrielsen and Aslak Tveito, Director of Simula (Photo: Simula/Fanny Klang)

LO visited Simula last week


Among the visitors from LO was the LO President Hans-Christian Gabrielsen. They met with some of the Simula management and a researcher to learn more about what Simula does.

Aslak Tveito, Director of Simula, gave the visitors a general introduction toSimula before they were told more about our three main activities: research, education and innovation. Marianne Aasen, Director of Simula School of Research and Innovation, talked about education, especially digitalisation in continuing education. She explained among other things howSimula teaches teachers how to use programming in their own classroom, which the visitors found interesting. There were also good discussions around start-up companies when Ottar Hovind, Director of Simula Innovation, presented Simula Innovation and the Simula Garage.

The research part was presented by Kyrre Lekve,Deputy Director of Simula, and Professor and Chief Research Scientist in the Machine Intelligence DepartmentPål Halvorsen.Pål talked about DiagnosticDecision Support in theGastrointestinal Tract as an example of Simula’s research, where they research and develop complete, high-high-performance end-to-end systems. Based on the societal challenges, systems for both live colonoscopy and wireless video endoscopy (camera capsules) using various types of machine learning were presented, and the promising experimental results were discussed.

You can read more about the visit on Frifagbevegelse.no (in Norwegian)

About LO:

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