Marcus Michael Noack successfully defended his PhD
Marcus Michael Noack successfully defended his PhD

Marcus Michael Noack successfully defended his PhD


On Friday June 23rd, Marcus Michael Noack defended his PhD thesis "New Theoretical and Numerical Methods for Wave-Motion Modeling and Optimization". The defense will take place at 13.15 at Klasserommet, Simula.

Wave-motion modeling and mathematical optimization have a vast variety of applications in research and industry. Marcus Noack, PhD fellow at Simula Research Laboratory, delved deep into the theoretical and numerical principles that underly these concepts. Through the intensive investigation of these numerical principles, Noack developed three revolutionary theoretical and numerical methods that can be utilized to improve optimization and wave modeling techniques in the energy and technology sector. For example, the Hybrid Genetic Deflated Newton (HGDN) method he developed provides risk assessment for industrial optimization problems such as, wind farm optimization and seismic imaging. Improving risk assessment in these industries leads to cost reduction and allows more resources to be spent on increasing energy needs.

Noack’s other developed methods that combine wave-front propagation and wave- motion modeling can be used in collaboration with the HGDN algorithm to yield more efficient wave imaging. For example, an energy company images the subsurface of the Earth with seismic imaging to find natural resources or a doctor images a patient’s organs to make a diagnosis.

During his time as a PhD fellow, many Norwegian energy companies have expressed interest in his newly developed methods to improve their current modeling software. After receiving a great amount of interest in his methods, Noack started up his own consulting company, Physics Software Solutions, to help businesses with complex mathematical and physical science challenges.

The thesis is written within the field of Scientific Computing. The work has been conductedat Kalkulo, a subsidiary of Simula Research Laboratory.

Prior to the defense, at 10:15, Marcus Michael Noack presented histrial lecture "Full waveform inversion".

The adjudication committee

  • R&D Project Manager Thomas Elboth, CGG, Oslo    
  • Assistant professor Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, LMU München, Germany    
  • Professor Kent-Andre Mardal, University of Oslo, Simula

Chair of the disputation

  • Professor Fritz Albregsten, University of Oslo, Institute of Informatics


  • Professor Are Magnus Bruaset,Simula Research Laboratory/UIO
  • Dr. Stuart Clark, Simula Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Christian Tarrou, Simula Research Laboratory

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