New EU projects at Simula
Horizon 2020

New EU projects at Simula


Simula Research Laboratory has been awarded more than NOK 15 million from the EU framework programme Horizon 2020 for research on data in the cloud, on digital effects in film and on new heart medicine. Simula thus upholds its strong track record in the EU research programmes.

Since the start of the current EU framework programme for research, Horizon 2020, Simula is the fifth largest Norwegian recipient of funding from the EU. Only SINTEF and the three largest universities have received more funding from the EU. In the spring application round, Simula researchers havecontinued theirstrong success rate in the EU,receiving funding for twoof the six proposals in the ICT area, and one additional health project.

Melodic in the cloud

The largest of the projects Simula is involved in is about Big Data in the cloud. The objective of "Melodic" (Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimised Data-Intensive Computing) is to create a framework that transparently utilize different providers of cloud services to create the most efficient big data cloud applications. The idea is that this framework itself should be able to choose the combination of providers and services that best meets the requirements for performance, security, cost and the like, without the user having to deal with these choices. The idea is also that this framework should be able to monitor jobs and move processes if conditions change. If the project succeeds, it will lead to a simplification of the development of data-intensive applications and processing of large data sets in the cloud, and improve utilization of available resources. Simula will conduct research for around 9 million Norwegian kroner. The University of Oslo is the project coordinator.

Digital film effects

In the project LADIO, Simula will continue its successful collaboration with partners from the EU project "Popart" to improve VFX integration with the film-making process for TV and movie production. Shooting sessions are stressful with intense focus on the live action shoot that makes it hard to invest effort into communicating with the next steps of the production. LADIO will create a central hub with structured access to all data generated on set. The LADIO hardware and software will streamline the setup of all devices for data collection and monitoring, and track the location of all recorded data in time and space in a common 3D reference system. LADIO will combine state-of-the-art photogrammetric algorithmswith laser scans to provide ahigh­quality 3D reconstruction with fast acquisition. LADIO will rely heavily on parallel computationto provide interactive feedback of the 3D reconstruction in order to assess its accuracy and completeness.

Tailored heart medicine

As the prevalence and cost of heart disease continueto grow around the world, new approaches for safe, efficient, and cardiac-specific delivery of therapeutic drugs are strongly required. In the Cupido Project, this is being addressed through the development of technology for inhaled advanced nanoparticles, a novel and effective strategy for targeted delivery of therapeutic biomolecules directly to the diseased heart. Within this project, Simula will work closely with experimentalists to create flow simulations that can help bridge animal studies across species and provide important information about nano-formulations to develop this researchbeyond the currently available clinical and day-to-day management of cardiac disease.