Olav Lysne leads Government Commission on digital vulnerability
Olav Lysne

Olav Lysne leads Government Commission on digital vulnerability


The Norwegian Government has appointed a commission that over the next year will study the digital dangers that Norway is exposed to.

The commission consists of four women and five men and will be led by professor Olav Lysne from Simula. The work will be concluded in a report that is due in September 2015.

In their work, the commission will study and describe digital vulnerabilities that the Norwegian society and individual citizens are exposed to. Furthermore it will formulate recommendations to the Norwegian Government on measures that may reduce our vulnerability. The report from the commission is expected at the end of September 2015.

When explaining the need for this commission, the Norwegian minister for Justice and Public Security said that “Almost 15 years have passed since the former Commission on vulnerability finished its report. A lot of changes that impact our digital vulnerability have taken place since then. More or less everything in modern day Norway has been digitised. Therefore we form a new commission today that will give us an overview of our digital vulnerability.”

(Our translation).

See the announcement in Norwegian at Regjeringen.no.