Open scientific seminar on IMSI-catchers
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Open scientific seminar on IMSI-catchers


Simula Research Laboratory cordially invites interested parties to a scientific seminar on IMSI-catchers on Wednesday 26th of August. Please read on for sign-up and programme.

Simula wishes to shed light upon the technology with which we can detect IMSI-catchers, and how the government can secure the integrity of critical infrastructure.

The seminar takes place at Simula premises at Fornebu outside Oslo, between 10:00 and 16:00 on August 26. Please sign up below.

Please consult the agenda below for downloadable PDF versions of the presentations accompanying each talk.

The seminar was streamed live, and the footage is available here:



  • 07.09.2015: The agenda has been updated with the presentations where available.
  • 24.08.2015: Torjus Bryne Retterstøl will hold a talk at 13:30 instead of Prof. Gordon McCay, Delma Communications.

Moderator: Dr. Kyrre Lekve, Deputy Managing Director Simula

10.00: Welcome: Prof. Aslak Tveito, Managing Director Simula research laboratory

11.00: Detecting IMSI Catchers: Senior Researcher and Telecommunications expert @ SRLabs, Luca Melette, Security Research Labs, Berlin.

11.45: Mobile network security - the need to measure security in the era ofInternet of Things (IoT): Josef Noll, Mobile Network expert and Professor at UiO.

12.15: Lunch and presentation of equipment.

13.00: Detection of hostile basestations with different data sets - mobile and stationary approaches: Frank Rieger, CTO GSMK CryptoPhone, Berlin.

13.30: Analysis of the Oslo IMSI-Catcher Radio Surveillance Torjus Bryne Retterstøl

14.00: False Base Stations as a base for hostile attacks: Odd Helge Rosberg, CTO Rosberg Group.

14.30: Discussion

15.30: Concluding remarks: Prof. Olav Lysne, Section director, Communication Systems Simula.

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