Programing course for laid-off and unemployed
Programing course for laid-off and unemployed

Programing course for laid-off and unemployed


For the first time, the Simula Code School will offer courses in programming and computer technology that are tailored specifically for people that have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. These courses will be organized in a collaboration with OsloMet, The Federation of Norwegian Industries (Norsk Industri), The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists (NITO) and The Norwegian Engineers and Managers Association (FLT).

The Simula Code School, a subsidiary of the Simula School of Research and Innovation (SSRI), willteach two courses in programming and computer technology as part ofthe Government’s commitment to raising competence.

The course in programming will provide an introduction to the field, along with an insight into how programming is used to create digital solutions to tasks that can be simplified and streamlined with code. The course also includes practical programming.

Similar to the course in programming, the course in computer technology will provide general knowledge, expertise and skills in building and operating computers, digital information, operating systems, computer networks, and underlying ICT security.

Marianne Aasen

- We are delighted to have this opportunity to give adult workers digital expertise. Large parts of Norwegian working life need more knowledge about digitalization in general, and the fact that many people are currently left without a job allows filling the skills gap. By using available capacity, more workers will be better equipped for new tasks when the labour market normalizes. In addition, this will increase the competitiveness of the Norwegian industry more generally,says Marianne Aasen, director of SSRI.

Aasen believes that working with the parties from the labour market is a great advantage and that it will ensure that the content of the courses is relevant to the participants and the business community.

Research staff at the Simula School of Research and Innovation will be responsible for the teaching. Scientific staff at the Institute of Information Technology at OsloMet will participate in the quality assurance of the course descriptions, while Norsk Industri, NITO and FLT will be part of a reference group together with Simula to quality assure the topics and ensure relevance.

In addition to the courses held by the Simula Code School, OsloMet offers three additional courses for the same target group. All courses will give five credits, and teaching will be digital during the late summer.

To registerfor the course on programming click here (registration is now close, as the course is full)

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The Simula Code School was established in 2018 and offers courses in text-based programming for teachers and working life. Read more about the Simula Code School here.