Recap of Simula at Arendalsuka
Recap of Simula at Arendalsuka

Recap of Simula at Arendalsuka


Arendalsuka is an annual event where people and companies from all over Norway meet each other to debate topics like business, politics and social issues. Arendalsuka 2022 was last week, and Simula organised two events this year in addition to offering workshops related to AI, coding and machine learning. If you missed the main events, we have recorded them for you. The events were mostly in Norwegian, so please read on for more information about the content.

Event 1: Surveillance in Norway in light of the war in Ukraine

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The Norwegian Intelligence Service has requested facilitated monitoring and collection of cross-border data transfer, and the Norwegian Police Security Service is asking for permission to store data collected from open sources for 15 years. In this panel discussion, we reflect on how the war in Ukraine impacts our willingness to accept that national security agencies use invasive methods for collecting and saving data. Do these methods make us better prepared to handle cyber attacks? Do they give us the tools we need to stop digital threats? Are they too invasive compared to the security they give us?


Professor Olav Lysne - Director of SimulaMet

Odd Harald Hovland - From the Storting Standing Committee of Justice

Karsten Friis - Senior Research Fellow and head of NUPIs Research group on security and defence

Torgeir Andrew Waterhouse - Founder and partner at Otte

Event 2: The quantum computer - From hype to reality

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What is a quantum computer, and why is it important?

In this seminar, you get the answer to why quantum computers can perform calculations that are impossible for conventional computers, the challenges that lead to full-scale programmable quantum computers not existing today, and the consequences it will have for existing crypto technology the day a full-scale programmable quantum computer is available for hackers. We look at the opportunities, challenges and consequences of quantum computers.

Meet from Simula UiB:

Professor and Director Carlos Cid

Postdoctoral Fellow Morten Øygarden

PhD student Hans Heum

Professor and Research Director Øyvind Ytrehus