Simula educates teachers in programming
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Simula educates teachers in programming


The Simula School has recently established a collaboration with Bærum municipality on helping teachers learn how to program and how to use it in the classroom on a daily basis.

Technology and programming is gradually becoming integrated into the curriculum in Norwegian schools, to a much larger extent than previously. Some selected schools have already been trying out new programming and coding subjects in the classroom. The Norwegian government have decided to have new school curriculum ready by 2020, focusing more on in-depth learning and practical aspects, and not least a larger focus on technological applications, programming and algorithmic thinking.

Bærum municipality has been one of the leading municipalities in this particular area, implementing coding and programming into every level of school already from this fall. The Simula School have a close dialogue with them, and have decided to contribute in this process. June 11-15th The Simula School arranged a pilot course in Python programming to a selected group of 7 Bærum-teachers, mainly from secondary schools. The teachers received a basic introduction to programming and practical guidance on how programming can be used as a tool in the classroom. Focusing on an interdisciplinary context was also an important part of the course.

Ingvild Lambert Grave, Special Adviser in “Grunnskoleavdelingen” (primary andlower secondaryschool) in Bærum municipality, also participated in the programming course, alongside the teachers. “Bærum municipality wishes to equip our students and teachers for the future. The collaboration with Simula helps us with this,” she says, and continues: “Simula is truly professionally skilled, and keen to meet the school'sneeds and benchmarks so programming becomes a learning tool.”

Read the article in Budstikka, from their visit to Simula during the pilot course.

Marianne Aasen, Director of Simula School of Research and Innovation, says:“The Norwegian school has a need for more competance in programming, and the Simula School has the knowledge and ability to fill the gaps. After the pilot course, with enthusiastic teachers and highly motivated educators, I’m confident we will keep arranging courses like this – It’s a part of our social mission!”

The Simula School and Bærum municipality are already planning new courses in programming, both equivalent to the pilot and shorter versions, for a larger group of teachers from October this year. The long term goal is to expand this project even more, and perhaps, gradually, be able to offer it as a continuing educationcourse giving credits.