Simula hosted FEniCS’16 on May 18-20
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Simula hosted FEniCS’16 on May 18-20


The workshop brought together more than 70 researchers from 25 national and international institutions, collaborating on the FEniCS project.

The workshop is the main annual event for FEniCS users and developers to exchange ideas and to present their advance in numerical mathematics and applications.

FEniCS is a collection of free software for the automated, efficient solution of partial differential equations. The software has a transformative impactin the scientific computing community and creates an unmet demand for researchers to increase model complexity and to apply FEniCS to high impact industrial-scale problems.

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Best student presentations at FEniCS'16: The winner, Martin Rehor, flanked by the two runner-ups, Ettie Unwin (left) and Johannes Holke.