Simula repeats last year's success: Five new FRINATEK projects awarded by the Research Council of Norway
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Simula repeats last year's success: Five new FRINATEK projects awarded by the Research Council of Norway


Following several years of strong participation in the FRINATEK program offered by the Research Council of Norway, Simula has for the second year in row secured five new projects in this very competitive scheme for basic research.

Two of these projects were awarded in the initial round, while the three others have been awarded through the additional FRINATEK funding provided by the IKTPLUSS program.

Since the start of the program in 2011, Simula has secured 14 FRINATEK projects in total. This result is surpassed only by the three major Norwegian universities, University of Oslo (43 projects), NTNU (40 projects), and University of Bergen (15 projects). In the young research talent category, University of Oslo and NTNU have received 11 and eight projects, respectively. Simula has received seven such projects, followed by the three projects awarded to University of Bergen.

FRINATEK, which is the science and technology arm of the wider program FRIPRO, promotes scientific quality at the forefront of international research, boldness in scientific thinking and innovation, careers for young research talents and mobility for researchers early in their career. For the 2015 round, 304 project proposals were evaluated, leading to 40 awarded projects and a success rate of 13%. Simula's eight proposals were subject to a success rate of 62%, leading to the following five projects (project leaders are given in parentheses):

  • The Numerical Waterscape of the Brain (Dr. Marie Rognes, young research talent)
  • Simulation-based optimisation with dynamic domains (Dr. Simon Funke, young research talent)
  • MEMBRANE: ModEling Mobile BRoAdband NEtworks (Dr. Özgu Alay, young research talent)
  • Function-driven Data Learning in High Dimension (Dr. Valeriya Naumova, young research talent)
  • Meeting Exascale Computing with Source-to-Source Compilers (Professor Xing Cai)

For more information, please see the web site of the Research Council of Norway.