Simula researchers awarded two new FRIPRO projects
Simula researchers awarded two new FRIPRO projects

Simula researchers awarded two new FRIPRO projects


The Research Council of Norway has announced the list of funded FRIPRO projects for 2021. Simula is pleased to announce that two new projects have received funding.

The two projects are:

  • Exciting times: Extreme modelling of excitable tissue (EMIx), led by Chief Research Scientist Marie Rognes
  • AutoCSP: Self-Supervised Neuro-Symbolic Solvers for Constraint Satisfaction, led by Postdoctoral Fellow Helge Spieker

The ambition of EMIx is to establish mathematical and technological foundations for detailed modelling and simulation of electrical, chemical and mechanical interplay between brain cells, allowing for pioneering in-silico studies of brain signalling, volume balance and clearance. If successful, EMIx will introduce new mathematical frameworks for modelling electrical, chemical and mechanical interactions in detailed representations of excitable tissue via coupled mixed-dimensional partial differential equations. EMIx is a FRIPRO Researcher Project and has been granted 12 million NOK for 3,5 years.

The AutoCSP project aims to create intelligent solvers for difficult combinatorial optimization problems, e.g. for vehicle routing, project scheduling, or production planning. Using state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence, these solvers will be both fast and accurate and able to steadily improve themselves, while only requiring a description of the user's
problem. This is a FRIPRO Researcher Project International Mobility Grant, and is a collaboration between Simula Research Laboratory and the Institute for Computer Science at the University of Bonn, Germany. AutoSCP has been granted 4 million NOK and will run for 3 year.

Congratulations to Drs. Marie Rognes and Helge Spieker!


FRIPRO is the funding scheme for independent projects and is a national arena that provides financing for basic, ground-breaking projects in all fields of research.