Simula's summer interns of 2022
Summer 2022 internship group at Simula Research Laboratory headquarters

Simula's summer interns of 2022


Simula’s 2022 summer internship program was a resounding success.

Over the course of the summer, 25 summer interns worked closely with their supervisors at Simula Research Laboratory, SimulaMet and Simula UiB. Their six week internships were filled with close cooperation and supervision from their supervisors, independent work, and inspirational academic lunches, as well as social activities for the summer interns.

Who were these interns?

Most of them were university students from across Norway, including some exchange students in Norway.

How did it go?

We asked the interns for feedback about their experience. While they generally reported having a fruitful experience and made new contacts, we learned some fun stories about what surprised them the most during their internships, as well as their top tips for next year’s interns. Here are some of what they had to say…

"What made you choose Simula for a summer job?"

Sami Laubo - “Much of it was a mixture of programming, mathematics and biochemistry. I can use everything I have learned in the study in this job and my interest in programming. I have also heard that Simula is a great workplace and it has a good research environment.”

Aleksandra Simic - “Two reasons made me choose Simula’s internship. The first reason is that it is a diverse and international working place, where everyone speaks English. The second reason is that it is a research laboratory. The main activities are education, research and innovation, which are activities I am interested in. Also, my friend did a summer internship with Simula last year and she really recommended it”.

"What's been the most surprising or unexpected part of your internship?"

William Ho - “...the opportunity to meet all the excellent researchers, both in-house and as well as guest lecturers that visit Simula … people that we typically won’t have the opportunity to. For instance, we got to meet Senior Computer Scientist Maged Elaasar from CalTech/NASA and one of the world’s most decorated Professors of Software Engineering, Lionel C. Briand.”

Yiyao Chen - “...I was surprised about the many social activities for summer interns! Not only the academic socializing events organized by Simula, but we had also one social chief that initiated social happenings just for summer interns. We had the chance to get to know each other, and I feel we have been taken good care of”.

"What would be your number one tip for next year’s summer interns?"

Jonatan Winswold - “Have faith in yourself that you will achieve what you are trying for. If you have an idea that you think is good, then bring it up with the supervisor. Creative solutions are often needed. In addition, have faith that you have come far enough in study that you can invent things yourself. Last but not least, do not eat too much for breakfast, save your appetite for lunch which costs 32 kroner!”

William Ho - “Be curious, engaged, and take all the opportunities you are presented, you will learn so much. Jump into it and be creative! Remember that this is all a learning process, and ask if you have questions! The supervisor is looking for your potential to develop, and not for an all-knowing guru.”

Sonja Plaku - “To not be afraid to ask questions as all people working with you are willing to help. The motto for this year’s internship has been to not struggle on your own for too long.”

About this program:

Simula’s annual Summer Internship program is one of our flagship initiatives that helps us work towardsseveral complementary goals. This includesproviding working experience for students, while simultaneously producing knowledge and solving problems. It's also a lot of fun!

Read more about Simula's Summer Internship program. Application for summer internship 2023 will be available soon.