Innovation activities at Simula

Simula is host to a number of innovation activities, such as the commercialisation company Simula Innovation AS (SI), the Certus Centre, which is a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI), and the Simula Garage, a breathing space and meeting place for entrepreneurs.
Bright ideas

Simula Innovation is an early stage technology investor. You can read all about our activity here

Spinout companies in Simula Innovation (SI)
Since 2004, Simula has established several companies with growth potential. SI organizes technology transfer from research to business, and assists in the commercialization of research results through industrial partnerships and creation of spinouts. The goal of Simula Innovation is to provide a framework to support the creation of companies, including management of IPR, legal assistance, and assistance with grant proposals and attracting funding and investors. You can read more about Simula Innovation and spinout companies in Portfolio Simula.

Centers for Research-based Innovation
Simula is the host for the Certus Centre for Software Verification and Validation, which is a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI), awarded by the Research Council of Norway. In addition, Simula is the main partner in the Centre of Cardiological Innovation, hosted by Oslo University Hospital.

Industrial Collaboration
In addition to the companies involved in the SFIs, Simula collaborates closely with several industrial partners in different projects. In particular, Simula has a comprehensive, long-term collaboration with Statoil, which covers both basic research and tool development in our subsidiary Kalkulo.

The Simula Garage
Simula wants to attract young entrepreneurs who work on realizing disruptive ideas and technologies. For this, the Simula Garage (Gründergarasjen) was created in January 2013. The Simula Garage is a co-working space where entrepreneurs can exchange knowledge with each other and researchers at Simula to increase the commercial and societal impact of their ideas. 



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