Steven Hicks successfully defended his thesis
Steven Hicks successfully defended his thesis

Steven Hicks successfully defended his thesis


On Tuesday, June 14th, Steven Hicks successfully defended his PhD thesis titled «Transparency in Medical Artificial Intelligence».

Main research findings

Applying machine learning to problems in medicine is a rapidly growing trend in nearly all areas of healthcare. The immense performance attained by using deep learning on tasks like image and time series analysis can profoundly impact how computers are used in hospitals or clinics. There is a lot to gain in developing these systems, both monetary and societal, where deep neural network-based models may someday be in charge of monitoring our health. However, despite the massive responsibility that we give these models, the approach to developing and evaluating these methods is often not clear. Medical artificial intelligence (AI) research usually has imprecise method descriptions, private data, closed-source implementations, and incomplete evaluations. This work studies how AI can be used in different areas within medicine, where a primary focus is to look at the current state of transparency within medical AI systems research and aims to contribute to a more open and public research community. To achieve this, we collected and published several medical datasets, developed several AI models in various medical domains, performed an assortment of different experiments to validate the collected datasets, organized many competitions on medical AI applications, and examined adequate model evaluation methods. The work was done across four fields of medicine to understand how transparent AI can be applied to different medical domains, including cardiology, assisted reproductive technology, gastroenterology, and mental health.

Adjudication committee​

  • Associate professor Hårek Haugerud, Department of Computer Science, OsloMet
  • Professor Radu Prodan, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Associate professor Noha El-Ganainy, Høyskolen Kristiania, Norway


  • Chief Research Scientist Michael Riegler, SimulaMet
  • Chief Research Scientist Pål Halvorsen, SimulaMet
  • Professor Hugo Lewi Hammer, OsloMet

Chair of defense

  • Head of Research Tore Gimse, Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering, OsloMet