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My scientific work is focused on waste clearance mechanisms from the brain. I have mainly focused on mathematical models of basic physical processes like fluid flow, diffusion and convection of molecules, and have used complex geometries (e.g. the brain) for these models. My main contributions to the field can be grouped in two categories: 1) Computational and mathematical models to explain experimental observations and link them to current theories on fluid flow in the central nervous system and 2) Computational models to predict fluid flow and waste clearance from the brain based on limited experimental data.

Courses held

INF3110/4110 Problem Solving with High-Level Languages (University of Oslo:
GRA4157 Big data curation, pipelines and management (BI Norweigan Business Shool:


MSc, Mechanics
University of Oslo
June 2016
PhD, Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics
University of Oslo
September 2019


Engineering Student of the Year
Universum and Forsvarsmateriell
April 2016
Researcher of the Year
Simula Research Laboratory
December 2019

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In Nrk Norgesglasset. NRK, 2019.
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In Vancouver, Canada, 2018.
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Talks, invited

In University of Oslo, Norway, 2017.
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In Næringslivets Hus, Majorstuen, Oslo, Norway, 2017.
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In International Convention Center, Kobe, Japan, 2017.
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In Nærligslivets hus, Majorstuen, Oslo, 2016.
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