PhD & Master's projects at HOST

PhD & Master's projects at HOST

This is an archive of the previous PhD and master's projects done in collaboration with the Department of Holistic Systems (HOST) at SimulaMet.

Graduated PhD Students:

  1. Jonas Sæther Markussen: "SmartIO: Device sharing and memory disaggregation in PCIe clusters using non-transparent bridging", October 2022 [Thesis]
  2. Steven A. Hicks: "Transpacency in Medical Artificial Intellifence Systems", June 2022 [Thesis]
  3. Debesh Jha: "Machine Learning-based Classification, Detection and Segmentation of Medical Images", January 2022 [Thesis]
  4. Vajira Thambawita: "DeepSynthBody: the beginning of the end for data deficiency in medicine", December 2021 [Thesis]
  5. Konstantin Pogorelov: "DeepEIR: A Holistic Medical Multimedia System for Gastrointestinal Tract Disease Detection and Localization", November 2019 [Thesis]
  6. Francisco Javier Velazquez-Garcia: "Middleware Mobility Services for Self-adaptive Multimedia Processing in Ubiquitous Computing Environments", May 2019 [Thesis]

Graduated Master Students:

  1. Sushant Guatam: "AI-based soccer game summarization: From video highlights to dynamic text summaries", September 2022 [Thesis]
  2. Muhammad-Qasim Bajwa: "Impact of different levels of delay on VR gaming", August 2022 [Thesis]
  3. Myrthe Lammerse: "Text-based emotion detection to create a virtual avatar interview-training program", May 2022 [Thesis]
  4. Felicia Jacobsen: "Estimating Predictive Uncertainty in Gastrointestinal Image Segmentation", June 2022 [Thesis]
  5. Birk Torpmann-Hagen: "On the Generalizability of Deep Learning-based Medical Image Segmentation Methods", May 2022 [Thesis]
  6. Markus Bergum Hilbertsen: "Sahka - Architecting of a Soccer Performance Development Software Toolkit", May 2022 [Thesis]
  7. Kim Eide: "Provacy-Preserving and Secure Pilot Self-Assesment - The development of Gearggus", May 2022 [Thesis]
  8. Vladimir Monakhov: "Hierarchical Temporal Memory for Anomalydetection in Videos - A biologically inspired machine learning approach", May 2022 [Thesis]
  9. Amita Patra: "Deep Learning for Automated Polyp Detection and Localization in Colonoscopy", May 2022 [Thesis]
  10. Shairaz Sultan: "Smart Chatbot", May 2022 [Thesis]
  11. Nourhan Ragab: "SOccer Athlete Performace Prediction using Time Series Analysis", May 2022 [Thesis]
  12. Jan Andre Fagereng: "Polyps segmentation using synthetic images generated by GAN", May 2022 [Thesis]
  13. Alexander Hals: "Impact of Different Type of Child Avatar Interactions on User Quality of Experience", May 2022 [Thesis]
  14. Andreas Husa: "Automatic Thumbnail Selection for Soccer Videos using Machine Learing", May 2022 [Thesis]
  15. Andreas Mathisen: "Multimodal Emotion Recognition using facial expression and other physiological condition", May 2022 [Thesis]
  16. Edvard Unsvåg: "Multimodal Emotion Recognition using facial expression and other physiological condition", May 2022 [Thesis]
  17. Tomas R. Ulriksborg: "Imputation of missing time series values using statistical and mathematical strategies", May 2022 [Thesis]
  18. Håkon Hernes: "Connectiong the unseen dots - Combining machine learing models to better perdict off-screen events in soccer broadcasts" (group thesis), May 2022 [Thesis]
  19. Brynjard Misvær: "Connectiong the unseen dots - Combining machine learing models to better perdict off-screen events in soccer broadcasts" (group thesis), May 2022 [Thesis]
  20. Kai Jeu Chiem: "Machine Learning in PCIe networks", December 2021 [Thesis (restricted)]
  21. Siarhei Kulakou: "Exploration of time-seried models on time series data - A case study on athlete monitoring", December 2021 [Thesis]
  22. Daniel Woldegiorgis: "Mimicking Facial Expressions from Actor to Virtual Avatar uning Machine Learing", December 2021 [Thesis]
  23. Vinayak Parab: "Automatic detection of events in sport videos", September 2021 [Thesis]
  24. Matrika Subedi: "Automated reporting system using deep convolutionl neural network in the medical domain", May 2021 [Thesis]
  25. Ernest Pranoto: "Soccer Highlight Website Design: Improving Current Interface and Proposing Universal Design and Accessibility Principles", May 2021 [Thesis]
  26. Haris Kadragic: "Machine learning-based approach for automated clipping of soccer events - using scene boundary and logo detection" (group thesis), May 2021 [Thesis]
  27. Joakim Olav Valand: "Machine learning-based approach for automated clipping of soccer events - using scene boundary and logo detection" (group thesis), May 2021 [Thesis]
  28. Markus Stige: "Evaluation of multi-modal approaches for automatic spotting and classification of events in soccer games", May 2021 [Thesis]
  29. Rabindra Khadka: "Meta-Learning for Medical Image Segmentation", March 2021 [Thesis]
  30. Matthias Boeker: "Classification of Schizophrenia based on Activity Time Series using Hidden Markow Models", March 2021 [Thesis]
  31. Lucas Charpentier: "To prune or not to prune: Explaring the effects of noted in a neural network", November 2020 [Thesis]
  32. Martin Kristoffer. Svensen: "Reidentifying Anonymised Data Using Machine Learning", November 2020 [Thesis]
  33. Espen Naess: "Pyramidal Segmentation of Medical Images via Generative Adversarial Networks", August 2020 [Thesis]
  34. Henrik L. Gjestang: "A self-learning teacher-student framework for gastrointestinal image classification", August 2020 [Thesis]
  35. Henrik Svoren: "Emotional Mario - Using Super Mario Bros. to Train Emotional Intelligent Machines", August 2020 [Thesis]
  36. Kristoffer Olsen: "Neuroevolution of Artificial General Intelligence", May 2020 [Thesis]
  37. Anastasiia Kolevatova: "Analysis of the Impact of Land Cover Changs on Climate using Machine Learning", May 2020 [Thesis]
  38. Oda Olsen Nedrejord: "Artificial Video Generation for Improved Performance on Polyp Detection", May 2020 [Thesis]
  39. Alve Vreim Elde: "Infiniband RDMA over PCI Express Ntworks", May 2020 [Thesis]
  40. Olav Rongved: "Automatic Event Detection In Soccer Videos", February 2020 [Thesis]
  41. Sharanan Kulam: "Time-Series Classification with Uni-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks - An Experimental Comparison with Long Short-Term Memory Networks", November 2019 [Thesis]
  42. Marius Sandberg: "Music and Sport: An Explorative Study using Unsupervised Machine Learning", November 2019 [Thesis]
  43. Aanund Nordskog: "No Silver Bullet - Exploring and comparing deep learning for text classification with traditional machine learning methods", May 2019 [Thesis]
  44. Johannes Alexander Berg: "WiFi to LTE handover in mobile phones", May 2019 [Thesis]
  45. Marius Alexander Skjolden: "Performance and resource usage of multi-link HTTP in modern smartphones", May 2019 [Thesis]
  46. Edvarda Regine Winlund Eriksen: "A Machine Learning Approach To Improve Consistency In User-Driven Medical Image Analysis", May 2019 [Thesis]
  47. Son Thanh Vo: "Cosinus - Monitoring Electric Vehicles", May 2019 [Thesis]
  48. Mathias Kirkerød: "Unsupervised Preprocessing of Medical Imaging Data with Generative Adversarial Networks", May 2019 [Thesis]
  49. Joakim Ihle Frogner: "One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks on Motor Activity Measurements in Detection of Depression", May 2019 [Thesis]
  50. Simen Fonnes: "Reducing Packet Loss in Real-Time Wireless Multicast Video Streams with Forward Error Correction", November 2018 [Thesis]
  51. Kim Hartvedt Andreassen: "Metrix: Real-time analysis of Physical Performance Parameters in Elite Soccer", June 2018 [Thesis]
  52. Steven Hicks: "Mimir: An Automatic Reporting and Reasoning System for Screening of the Gastrointestinal Tract Using Deep Neural Networks", May 2018 [Thesis]
  53. Rune Johan Borgli: "Hyperparameter optimization using Bayesian optimization on transfer learning for medical image classification", May 2018 [Thesis]
  54. Edvard J. Bakken: "The Empire Strikes Back - Exploring and Comparing Deep Learning for Image Classification with Other Methods", May 2018 [Thesis]
  55. Tor Jan Derek Berstad: "Trade-offs of Adapting Binary Neural Network Ensembles for Multiclass Problems", May 2018 [Thesis]