AuthorsP. Ralph, S. Baltes, D. Bianculli, Y. Dittrich, M. Felderer, R. Feldt, A. Filieri, C. A. Furia, D. Graziotin, P. He et al.
TitleACM SIGSOFT Empirical Standards
AfilliationSoftware Engineering
Project(s)Department of IT Management
Publication TypeManuals
Year of Publication2020
Secondary TitleCoRR

Empirical Standards are natural-language models of a scientific community's expectations for a specific kind of study (e.g. a questionnaire survey). The ACM SIGSOFT Paper and Peer Review Quality Initiative generated empirical standards for research methods commonly used in software engineering. These living documents, which should be continuously revised to reflect evolving consensus around research best practices, will improve research quality and make peer review more effective, reliable, transparent and fair.

Citation KeyDBLP:journals/corr/abs-2010-03525