AuthorsA. Fjuk, A. Karahasanovic and J. Kaasbøll
TitleComprehensive Object-Oriented Learning: the Learners Perspective
Publication TypeEdited books
Year of Publication2006
PublisherInforming Science Press
Place PublishedCalifornia, USA
ISBN Number83-922337-4-3

The object-oriented paradigm is increasingly being integrated in computer science education as well as in industry. There is a high demand for understanding the learner's actions, strategies and thoughts while solving object-oriented problems. Little is known about these processes. Aimed at both teachers and researchers involved in teaching object-oriented technologies, this book reports findings from four case studies, two design experiments and three controlled experiments, with a total of 187 subjects. It provides new insight into knowledge-acquiring processes and shows how to successfully integrate the empirically based findings into pedagogical design. “The area addressed in this book is interesting. I haven't found many texts on this issue and there is clearly need for more knowledge. It is very useful to get new perspectives on problems in learning object-oriented concepts. Advices given in the book are concise and concrete” Svein Erik Bratsberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “The book, interestingly recommends that the object-oriented education starts with using tools that hide the compilation and execution steps. Only later may the learners switch to more professional tools. This approach should be considered in any introductory course on object-oriented programming.” Gerhard Skagestein, University of Oslo.

Citation KeyKarahasanovic.2006.3