AuthorsI. Ahmed
TitleCross-Layer Optimization for Scalable Video Transmission in Cellular Networks
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2013
Secondary TitleIEEE INFOCOM 2013
Date PublishedMarch

This paper tries to investigate that whether PHY/Application cross-layer optimization is really required for video transmission over next generation wireless networks? Or would a sequential allocation where optimization is independently performed at the PHY and Application layers work similarly? How does the cross-layer and non-cross-layer optimization perform also compared to the theoretical best allocation that one could apply, if the channel states and the user quality requirements were all known in advance? Is there a way to adapt to the channel variability? How do the unicast scenario extend to the multicast case? Given that a compromise in allocation must be found between the needs of all the users in the multicast group, it may be that cross-layer optimization is insufficient. Our numerical results show that cross-layer-optimization (XLO) significantly outperforms non-cross-layer-optimization (NXLO) for both unicast and multicast video transmissions, thereby pointing out the strong need for cross-layer solutions in video transmission.

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