AuthorsH. Raddum
TitleCryptanalysis of IDEA-X/2
Afilliation, Communication Systems
Project(s)Simula UiB
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2003
Conference NameFast Software Encryption
Pagination1 - 8
Date Published02/2003
PublisherLecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag
ISBN Number978-3-540-20449-7
ISSN Number0302-9743
Keywordsblock ciphers, Cryptography, differential cryptanalysis, IDEA

IDEA is a 64-bit block cipher with a 128-bit key designed by J. Massey and X. Lai. At FSE 2002 a slightly modified version called IDEA-X was attacked using multiplicative differentials. In this paper we present a less modified version of IDEA we call IDEA-X/2, and an attack on this cipher. This attack also works on IDEA-X, and improves on the attack presented at FSE 2002.


Citation Key24068

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