AuthorsI. Ahmed
EditorsD. A. G. Rashid
TitleEnhanced AMC to Integrate Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference Name2nd International Conference on Information Communication Technology
Date PublishedDecember
PublisherICICT IBA Karachi
Place PublishedIBA Karachi, Pakistan

Next generation wireless networks will offer more choice of access technologies to the end-user. Since there are multiple wireless technologies such as IEEE 802.11, UMTS, Bluetooth and Satellite Networks. These systems are designed for specific purposes and each network system has its own specification and characteristics, however such networks are required to coordinate with one another. This paper introduces an enhancement in the architecture of AMC (Architecture for ubiquitous Mobile Communications) for integrating such wireless systems. The basic need for enhancement is to eradicate the bottleneck condition. The AMC has two main components, NIA (Network Inter-operating Agent) and IG (Inter-working Gateway). The Enhanced AMC architecture proposes multiple NIA, which will diminish the bottleneck situation as well as load on NIA will be distributed. For the proposed solution, the Inter-NIA communication is considered and analyzed. Also the inter-NIA handoff scheme is introduced, that will work on the basis of load on NIA. If the load on NIA increases more then the defined threshold, the hand-off will take place between NIAs. Thus, the process of handing-off between the NIAs will reduce the load on NIA and load will be balanced among multiple NIAs. Therefore, the components of NIA also involve an additional component name “NIA database”. This component will have the information about all the existing NIAs and the status of each NIA. All of the NIAs will be communicating with each other, asking their individual load, thus the NIA database will be updated automatically after responses have been received. Two algorithms are also proposed, one for inter-NIA handoff and the other is for NIA load-update process. Ultimately with the help of mathematical analysis it has been proved that there is additional load on single NIA, therefore if we have multiple NIA it will have very rare chances of bottleneck, because it is using multiple NIAs instead of single agent. Also the proposed system will use the best features of selected network as well as eliminate the weaknesses of other networks.

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