AuthorsT. Dybå, B. Kitchenham and M. Jørgensen
TitleEvidence-Based Software Engineering for Practitioners
AfilliationSoftware Engineering, Software Engineering
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
JournalIEEE Software
Keywordsempirical software engineering, evaluation., Evidence

Objective: Our objective is to explain how practitioners in industry can use evidencebased software engineering (EBSE) to assist decisions concerning the adoption of new techniques. Rationale: Practitioners may make incorrect technology adoption decisions if they do not consider scientific evidence about the efficacy of techniques. Method: We adapt procedures used for evidence-based medicine to software engineering and discuss how these procedures map to software process improvement. Results: We found EBSE fitted well with current ideas concerning process improvement and that it could be an important means for closing the gap between research and practice. However EBSE presents difficulties for practitioners because current software engineering research is limited and not reported in a manner that assists accumulation and evaluation of evidence. Conclusions: EBSE has potential benefits for software engineering practitioners, but will be hindered without changes to software engineering research. Keywords: Evidence, empirical software engineering, evaluation.}, how these procedures map to software process improvement. Results = {We found EBSE

Citation KeyDyba.2005.1