AuthorsP. A. Jonasson, M. Fjeld and A. F. Yamashita
EditorsD. R. E. Rachovides
TitleExpert Habits Vs. UI Improvements: Re-Design of a Room Booking System
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference NameHCI 2007: 21th British HCI Group Annual Conference
Date PublishedSeptember
PublisherBritish Computer Society
Place PublishedBCS
ISBN Number978-1-902505-94-7

This paper presents a prototyping case aimed to improve user interface (UI) for web-based room booking. Running on a university web site, the existing system has caused much critique among its users. Their expectations for a new UI were increased ease of use, less effort required, and less time consumed. We prototyped a new UI using Visio and it was tested with a small number of experienced and novice users. Our results partly favor the existing system and partly the new one. To our surprise, experienced users performed relatively poorer with the new UI considering their critique of the existing one. We found paper prototyping to be an efficient method to gain user feedback on usability issues and that a low-fidelity prototype does not automatically mean low-effort testing. We observe that visible-state UIs can be demanding to test with paper prototyping.

Citation KeySimula.SE.156.b